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  • Why solar energy?

Firstly, due to the reduction in CO2 emissions, you can rest assured that solar energy is better for our environment and you will also be helping to preserve what is left of the world's rapidly diminishing supplies of oil and gas.

Secondly,using the sun to heat your hot water will help to lessen the impact of rising gas and oil prices meaning that you won't be so dependant on these fossil fuels.

Thirdly, the installation of a good solar energy system should add value to your property.

  • How does it work?

The principle is fairly simple. Solar panels absorb solar energy from the sun to heat a liquid that is pumped in a sealed circuit to an indirect coil in a domestic hot water cylinder to heat your water.

  • Where are the panels fitted?

The solar panels (collectors) are easily sited on pitched or flat roofs. Ideally they should face south, but they will still work with only a small loss of efficiency if they are sited between 30 degrees east and 40 degrees west of south. 

  • Is there enough sunshine in this country to make it work?

Domestic solar hot water heating systems (DHW) use solar energy (radiation) to generate heat. This means that they don't just rely on direct sunlight, they also use diffused radiation so that the system works on cloudy days too. The Department of Trade and Industry has calculated that there are sufficient radiation levels across the whole of the UK to provide useful solar energy. In areas where there is less solar radiation, the number of panels can be increased to maximise the solar energy gained. 

  • Do I still need a conventional boiler?

Our DHW heating system should provide around 50-60% of your annual domestic hot water requirements, but an extra power source will be required to make sure that you always have hot water on demand. In addition, the boiler is also necessary to operate your central heating system. We can install controls that will switch automatically between between solar energy and conventional power when there is insufficient solar energy available to heat the water - this will be useful during the winter months. The system will work with most boilers.

  • What will a solar energy system cost?

There is not really a typical cost - it depends on the number of collectors required, the size of the cylinder and on installation details such as accessibility for the scaffolding and the complexity of the wiring.

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