Rainwater Harvesting

In essence, Rainwater Harvesting is a means by which rain is stored in a tank until required for use. When needed, this water is then pumped to the point of use, thus replacing what would otherwise be a demand for mains supply of water.
A by-product of this is that a volume of water is kept out of the storm-drain system, consequently helping to reduce flooding risks.

Rainwater Harvesting is not a new idea, but over the last century or so, its use has lessened with the availability of an inexpensive, clean and reliable water source through the mains.

Recently, demand for water has begun to exceed supply, and also localised flooding has become an issue.
Industry experts are now beginning to recognise the important role that rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling has to play in mitigating both of these problems.

It should be noted that rainwater is not suitable for drinking without treatment, but can be used for many other purposes throughout the home.

Harvested rainwater can be used for bathing, showering, flushing toilets and washing laundry. Indeed, in hard water areas it can be superior to mains water for this. It is usually filtered before being used for these purposes.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting:-
  • Rain harvesting (including recycling and grey-water recycling) can replace a large proportion of the water that would normally be provided by the mains supply - thereby greatly reducing overall water supply costs.

  • Planning departments are increasingly looking more favourably towards the concept of rainwater harvesting.

  • The new code for sustainable homes will require an enormous reduction in water consumption. Rainwater harvesting systems can help provide this in a most cost effective manner.

  • It can provide a non-mains supply for remote areas.

Damson can design, supply and install all types of Rainwater Harvesting system, be it for your garden, a domestic property, or a commercial application.

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